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Laboratory: Bioinformatics Core (Prof. Silvio Bicciato)
Department: Department of Life Sciences
Institution: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

tel: +39-059-204-5454
fax: +39-059-204-5410
email: silvio(dot)bicciato(at)unimore(dot)it
email: cristian(dot)taccioli(at)unipd(dot)it
email: jimmy(dot)caroli(at)unimore(dot)it

If you encounter a bug in our website or the application reports an white page with
the message "Error 500", please contact us at [jimmy(dot)caroli(at)unimore(dot)it]
sending the query you have searched along with the date and time of your query submit.
We will work to fix these errors as fast as possible. Thankyou.